The Catalog

The catalog of all known banana labels is very huge and well organized. I have added 14,500 labels to the initial stock and have done many revisions and reorganizations. Each month 250 to 350 new labels are added with great care. It takes a lot of time to keep the catalog up to date.

Helping Points

In average it takes about 4,000 to 5,000 helping points each month to keep the catalog up to date. And someone has to do it. Before you have access to the trade list and care about your own collection you are asked to do at least a very little bit of the necessary work. When you help you earn helping points.

How to proceed with the catalog?

This is a catalog of all known banana labels. We have collected 33,000 different labels and as far as possible all of this labels are scanned in best quality and are well organized in about 5,000 catalog entries. We know, it was a very giant effort to build it up. 4,500€ and about 3,000 hours of my time.

The Catalog is NOT for Free (Think Win Win)

This catalog offers many benefits to our community of banana label collectors. Without the catalog it is quite difficult to know about others collectors in the world. Here is the place where we meet, can talk about the labels and our hobby of collecting labels.

How is this site used in 2019?

How is this site used in 2019?

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