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Think Win Win

This catalog offers many benefits to our community of banana label collectors. Without the catalog it is quite difficult to know about others collectors in the world. Here is the place where we meet, can talk about the labels and our hobby of collecting labels.

How is this site used in 2019?

How is this site used in 2019?

From a User Experience perspective, users are indeed people. But in the world of web analytics, users are not people. They’re cookies. So before we can understand the User metric, we need to understand cookies. Cookies are literally speaking very small plain text files. They are essential for a lot of things going on online.

Helping Points

In average it takes about 4,000 to 5,000 helping points each month to keep the catalog up to date. And someone has to do it. Before you have access to the trade list and care about your own collection you are asked to do at least a very little bit of the necessary work. When you help you earn helping points.

Be a helping Member

Be a helping Member

When collecting banana labels a catalog of all known banana labels is quite essential. To build this catalog and to keep it up to date requires an immense investment. A catalog of this huge collecting area needs time & experience to add all the new labels at the right place and money to run on fast computers.

Trade List requires 5 Helping Points

The catalog is for helping hands only. It is still too much work for me to keep the catalog up to date so in future the access to the trade lists is restricted and only for collectors who help.