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The 1:1 Trade meets the Trade Value

The End of the 1:1 Trade

Once upon a time, in the age before the internet, I started collecting banana labels. I always thought I'm alone in the world and keept nearly no labels to trade from the bananas I've eaten. But I did.This labels are my SPECIAL TRADE labels and real gems. Now, due the internet I found many, many collectors and like to trade.

What is a Trade Value?

Trade Value

So many individual aspects and background knowledge about single labels have to be concidered to answer the question: What do I get for a 'Chiquita Challange One Leg Stand' that I just found in the supermarked in exchange? But one thing should be clear, it is quite likeley not a 'Bavea'.

Theory of Everything

Theory of Everything

What is a label worth? From my point of view, it is 0€ but many heard points. Let us take for the heard points the symbol ♠. A Chiquita-Minion or a Dole-Visit-My-Farm  has got very few heard points ♠ and a Bavea many ♠.

How to force Gem:Gem

We like to get the labels we like. And there are many labels we like. With each trade we try to get a maximum number of labels and of course the old ones must be included. This is the current situation: The active collectors with very huge collections and big trade lists aks for new label from collectors with a small tradelist.

Special Trade Labels

Special Trade Labels

We have now the SPECIAL TRADE flag if we like to talk about the compensation. Is this good or not? I do not have much feedback from you as usual. What is your opinion? Peter said that this is not the best solution and we should separate the special trade labels from the other duplicates. But what do the others think?