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BIO nach EG Öko - Verordnung

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Sep 2017


Hi Leonid, just one

Hi Leonid, just one additional aspect in building up a WIKI of banana labels.

One can think, that we collectors know something about the huge list of certifications we find on the bananas and the reason why. So I started now more than 2 years ago an article "Top bananas in sustainable banana business" to describe RFA, BCS, Öko-Verordnung, Control Union etc and asked for help or feedback: So far not any response or a helping hand ...

I say this without reproach. It is just a fact that collecting banana labels and collecting background information are (so far) two different pair of shoes. Collectors, who combine both are very, very rare. Please continue your work and I will help as much as I can.

Hi Michael!

Hi Michael!
You wrote:
"It is just a fact that we are collecting banana labels and collecting background information are (so far) two different pair of shoes."
I'm afraid I was misunderstood. I am absolutely not interested in companies and firms as such. I collect all types of fruit labels, not just banana labels. But unlike all other collectors, I place my labels inside the collection not in "fruit albums", as absolutely everyone does. Using the label, I identify the company, find out all of its brands and paste all the found stickers on the company's sheet for this company
The collector must identify the company only once for all times. But it is necessary to make identification absolutely accurately and correctly. Only for this purpose I need information on firms.
This approach allows me automatically to recognize the country, the company, its brands, stickers and make album sheets. It is easy for me to search for labels both virtually and physically.
The company can be in Germany, Sweden or the US etc., and import fruits from around the world with company own labels and company own brands on them. On labels the company as a rule specifies the country of origin of fruit, as this is exactly what the fruit buyer is interested in.
And I agree that information about the company's stickers and information about the fruits of the company "are two different pair of shoes".