The Catalog

We estimate that there are about 30,000 different banana sticker. Currently, these are distributed to our collections. Gerri Lorenzo was our pioneer to capture these centrally in a catalog. With this site we try to continue her work.

Adding A Bananalabel

We like to have the catalog complete. Since this can not be guaranteed by a single collector, all collectors are invited to add new stickers. Adding a label is therefore quite simple:

New Bananalabels

These engaged collectors help to get the catalog complete and are uploading labels:

   bertieboy (467)
   zantrost (246)
   PETER NIESSEN (5,500)
   Zabava (122)
   barbara (70)
   Ferrin (174)
   michael (13,653)
   Fiorentina (82)
   Leonardo Brito (1)
   Alex (33)
   mazo4033 (8)
   Bucek48 (88)
   tho. (1)
   Эля (165)
   versn02 (1,243)
   llecha (5)
   Claus V. (159)
   Laurence (63)
   germand (14)
   elvisvelez (2)
   BarbaraBananas (1)
   Anđela (5)
   Nick (125)
   milos (12)
   zappa (2)
   Rikit le Drake (16)
   bananalinda (3)

Verified Bananalabels

These experienced collectors verify bananalabels to keep the quality of our collection high:

   Ferrin (13,138)
   PETER NIESSEN (31,682)
   bertieboy (2,880)
   paolopaolo (11,209)
   zantrost (222)
   Zabava (322)
   barbara (227)
   Leonardo Brito (62)
   Alex (131)
   Stalin Vinces (4)
   michael (31,791)
   milos (256)
   josefbinder (2)
   llecha (605)
   bananacarril (1,144)
   Jonathan Pauche (11)
   Djunes (190)
   Jiranek (29)
   Fiorentina (283)
   mazo4033 (59)
   orozco (19)
   Walter Ugalde (5)
   mr.Margincall (1)
   robomanoos (2)
   Leaxis (2)
   Raphael (29)
   Sambolino (2)


Our catalog in numbers:

There are 31,366 labels in this catalog.
There are 4,424 brands in the table of contents.
We have in total 106,732 verifications.
There are 15,940 different bananalabels available for trade.

New Catalog Entries

A catalog entry is either a new brand or a subordinate structure level to unite a set of bananalabels.

Changed Catalog Entries

The titel or description of the following catalog entries has been changed:

Verify Bananalabels

Despite great care, some sticker creep into our collection, that were not intended for use on bananas. A major challenge is to separate bananalabels from other fruit label and misprints. It becomes difficult, when fruit stickers were also used on banana (eg with PLU code Mango).