Banana Label

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  • Paper


  • White, Red, Orange, Gold, Turquoise, Blue


  • Round






  • Dole Sunbeam

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Dole ®
Made of Sunshine

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Sep 2017


Well, this is a good example

Well, this is a good example for the comment I wanted to male a long time ago. What you call a "glazed finish", I have noticed, that Michael is defining these sort of labels as PLASTIC. In my modest opinion, these labels should be considered as PAPER labels. The material they are made from, is paper. Independent, if they have the plastiziced surface or ot. What do you think about that?

So far we have the following

So far we have the following MATERIALS: Plastic, Metal Foil, Tin, Paper and Digital. Digital is for design studies, that only exist as JPG pictures in the computer and are not used on bananas. In the SEARCH you can find some examples of each.

These materials are displayed in our catalog with a small gray icon below the pictures. The normal paper labels (default) do not have an icon, metal has got a "M", plastic a "P", tin a "T" and digital labels a "D". This is from my point of view quite clear and well to understand. I honestly can't always decide whether a label is plastic or paper with a glazed finish.

Mixed labels with paper and a glazed finish can get - for example - a "G". It is easy to add this icon and to select it in the description of a label, Do we want to have it? Is it easy to understand? Do we want to test it? Who will use it?

Of course I would use it. But

Of course I would use it. But I ask myself, it is good to introduce teh “G” now. We have already more than 23.000 labels, and I think, nobody would check all these labels to see, if a “G” should replace the “P”or the paper version. I think, a simple comment, when we notice, that a label is plastizised, would be enough.