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  • Banana Company


September 2015


April 2019


Ferrin (2019-09-28)

Long distance to text.

Michael (2015-09-10)

The catalog entry of VISIT MY FARM is now devided up into 3 catalog entries. We had more than 500 labels in this entry and it took a while to click to the farmnumbers one is looking for (when you do not use the SEARCH).

At the moment it is split up not by variant (RFA, Country at the top, etc), but by country. If you have got better ideas, please let me know.

Michael (2015-02-05)

Thank you Nico for all the "Dole: Visity my farm!" So many labels you found, wonderful. What I like is, that they are really from the banana. You must have been in thousands of supermarkets?

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