Turbana: Green & Orange

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Brand Classification: 

  • Banana Company


April 2015


October 2017


michael (2021-01-05)

Thank you John for this clearification. However, the term FAKE we already have used in this catalog for labels that somebody has produced to deceive us (see the GALAPAGOS fake), so we can't use it for the Chinese label the same time.

I still think it is useful to classify some kind of labels, but we do not have a common notification and sometimes it is mixed (like INSPECTION- and QUALITY LABEL). Our classification of banana labels does need a rework. But it is not clear how we will perform it. There is an incomplete article in the article section to start a discussion about it, but so far not many collectors participate.

Quite obvious are the terms WRAPPER or BAGLABELS (for labels that do not stick on the bananas but on the packaging). We have got PROMO for home made labels that are not intendet to use on bananas and - so far - FRAUD for the Chinese labels, that imitate the brands of premium bananas (in this case TURBANA). But this is all not free from overlapping. So I would be happy to get more feedback of our terms we use in the catalog at the mentioned article.

bananacarril (2020-12-29)

You can buy full sheets of this label and many others in many large Chinese wholesale produce markets-- really cheap. I think it better just call them counterfeits or even fakes -- FRAUD is way too strong a term, a felony under U.S. law. These are just very minor "crimes" at best, many of them done by small sellers.

Ferrin (2020-05-15)

It also exists with ORGANIC 94011

Ferrin (2020-05-15)

There is also a gold and silver background

Ferrin (2020-05-15)

Why FRAUD - Not justified. Probably a stolen logo (CHINA?) ...

Ferrin (2020-05-15)

Why rejected? No justification.

Ferrin (2020-05-15)

Why rejected? No justification.

Ferrin (2020-04-11)

4 bananas = 3 green lines

Ferrin (2020-04-11)

4 bananas = 3 green lines + 1 red

Ferrin (2020-04-11)

4 bananas = 3 green lines

Ferrin (2020-04-11)

4 bananas = 3 green lines + 1 red

Ferrin (2020-04-11)

4 bananas = 4 green lines

Ferrin (2020-04-07)

Probably common use of "stolen" registered trade mark of Chinese production ...

Official Chinese label.

PETER NIESSEN (2019-05-26)

I guess, it is a misprint.

bananacarril (2018-09-16)

Questionable use of Turbana brand - found on bananas in Shanghai in 2015

Claus V. (2017-03-03)

More flat side and less vivid in colours

PETER NIESSEN (2017-01-22)

Thin green border

PETER NIESSEN (2017-01-22)

Small size

Michael (2016-02-17)

Can't really believe, we had so far this label not in our catalog. Stunning ...

bananacarril (2015-05-17)

Call it what you will - fake or knockoff, but definitely a banana label from China.

Michael (2015-04-21)

We have the category "Knockoff" for that kind of labels. Fakes are not intended to use on bananas, knockoffs are.

I think it is a typical banana label from China.

PETER NIESSEN (2015-04-21)

From China. Probably a FAKE

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