The Catalog is NOT for free

NOT for free

I wrote articles that explains what it means to run this catalog: Many hundreds of labels are added each month and we have to pay for the IT infrastructure. So I asked to help in the cost and to help to keep the catalog up to date, This was now many months ago. Some of you do really help and I like to thank. But I still pay more for the IT than anyone else AND I do/did work more than all other collectors together to keep the catalog and the technic up to date.

Do I have a benefit so far? No! My trades are like any other trades. That means I have so far absolutely no benefit in doing all the work and all the money I spend for our community of collectors. This is quite frustrating, because the results of this catalog are extreme spectacular in every sense.

What do you think when you read ‘The catalog is NOT for free’ at the main page now for more than one year? What is this catalog of all known banana labels and this community worth for your hobby? I do not ask for money from collectors who do not have enough, but you can help in keeping the catalog up to date and add labels with greate care or - because I'm a collector - you can send labels from your country from time to time. But doing nothing I do not accept any more. If this catalog does help you to trade labels or it is informative for your hobby, than it is not asking to much to give something back.

The trial membership is expired now for some collectors. When you see the screen ‘No permission’ at the trade pages or ‘You are blocked’ than your contribution to the success of the catalog is missing. Please let me know when you like to be a member of the community of banana label collectors. The access to the 17,500 duplicates and the extensive catalog of 32,500 different banana labels is for helping hands only.



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Jan 2020