What is a WIKI?

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We like to have many information about our labels and need collectos who do have time and fun to do some research. For example at this topics:

  • Banana Companies and their brands in general
  • The big 3 in detail (Del Monte, Dole and Chiquita) for example the different logos in the past
  • Certifications we find on bananas, what do they mean? Why are they necessary and do they really help?
  • How to store banana labels in a collection and maintain duplicates?
  • Examples of bananas with #PLU code and other varieties without PLU
  • Where are the bananas from, which country does export and how relevant is this biz for the region. How is this related to the number of labels we have in our catalog of this countries?
  • What kind of banana labels are in our collection (certification, material, wrapper, box & bag & pack label...)
  • Statistical analyses: First QR code, first URL, oldest label, development of certifications, ...
  • Some marketing aspects of the effect of colours of banana labels and their motives
  • How do they work at the packing station, who does put the banana label on the banana?
  • Why we collect? What is a collector? What is collectable?
  • Catalog of current websites showing banana labels incl. FB.
  • System of FLO-IDs, Farmnumbers of different brands, ...
  • Gallery of old postcards showing banana farms or stamps
  • ...


This can solved by a picture gallery, an article or a data base related solution (for example the link to other websites). And of course, I know not all of you have the necessary time. But everybody can start small. For example you could start and say something about the Chiquita logo Miss Chiquitas and her relaunches. Maybe you find good pictures. This is less then one page. If you like, I will help to put this small story in a nice formatted article. So when everybody can help a little bit, a small story can end with concentrated knowledge.