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When adding a label, the system put the current year in the field of "Year of issue". Quite often this is wrong and the labels is much older. Not many of us adding a label overwrite the default.

So I added a flag "checked year of issue", the field is checked when (I/we) are quite sure, it is correct. So far this field is only visibile for our power user like Peter and Žan so the majority of our collectors do not see too many confusing fields when editing a label.

When you like to help to check and to verify the year of issue, please do it!

This comment is worth it,

This comment is worth it, because some US collectors wondered about the meaning of this field.  As I include every label in an Excel page, I can -more or less- determine the year I got it. But sometimes we trade for oldies, so it is impossible to know, which year they were issued. But with the help of active users, I think we will improve by and bye this information.

Thank you Peter,

Thank you Peter,

If one of you think the year of issue is wrong, just change it. You not need to be 100% correct. For example when one of us is uploading a new label and the default 2017 is set und you think the label is about 5 to 7 years older, then please just change to 5, 6 or 7 years ago. This is better than the obvious wrong year.

OK, now I have compared the

OK, now I have compared the "new additions" pages from Gerri with the year of issue in this catalog. When she has documented an earlier date, I changed the catalog. 360 pages, it was a lot to compare.

However, it is still quite wrong and we need a solution to find the correct date.

If someone like to help: The "Completely Bananas" from John could be also a good source to verify a year of issue between 2003 and 1997.

Someone wrote down the year

Someone wrote down the year the label was obtained. But most collectors do not write ...
Then it is difficult to determine the year of issue of the label.
This information - the year of publication - is needed - significantly increases the quality of the entire catalog.