Supporting the BLC

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You already know, it cost money to run this catalog. And it is a lot of work to keep everything up to date and to organize the current 30.000 entries well.

When I started this catalog - due to the discussions in LA - I personally thought that more collectos help to continue the work of Gerri. But this is not true. We are between 2 and 4 doing nearly all the work. And it is in the mean time a lot of work. One basic difference is, that we don't have any more 20 to 30 new labels a month but now about 200 to 400.

Quite a lot of collectors like the work we are doing, because we have in average more then 70 sessions a day. That means, at the moment many collectors do not help or do not help enough. But we need help. We need helpt in:

  • sharing the cost
  • updating the catalog. I.e. to add labels, verify and organize the collection

In my opinion, too many collectos just like to be entertained for free or use the catalog for personal trades without any benefit for the people, who takes the cost and doing all the work. And this is not a good basis for our community and will come quite likely to an end. Collectors who do not support will have very restricted access to this catalog.

To be honest, I do not like to to spend additionall work to restrict access but I also do not like, when collectos do not help or do not pay back for what they use. How do we get more support? What is your opinion about this issue? How do we want to proceed?