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another thing

would be also nice to get an email notification if someone wishes to trade with me

sometimes i notice that someone wants something after a while, guess less active forum users can see it after quite a long period, not everyone visit the site on daily or even weekly basis


OK. In principle possible.

OK. In principle possible. But I need a 'trigger', for example when someone click the 'X'. but then I get many, many e-Mails a day. I will think about it ...

it could be an option to

it could be an option to choose for those who need it

the trigger could be when somebody click 'i want this label' in your trade list

Yes, but when someone clicks

Yes, but when someone clicks 50 labels from my tradelist ('I want this label'), then I get 50 e-mails. So a logic should be implemented to send only one e-mail a day, even if more labels are wanted. So I have to store, if an e-mail is already send. This is too complex for me and this standard CMS system at the moment. And 50 e-mails is also not really an option.

I put it on the list of things to think about:



yeah, there should be another trigger that blocks sending more email on the particular address after sending one. and un blocks it in awhile

quite complex thing

all in all it was just a suggestion