Trade List requires 50 Helping Points

The catalog is for helping hands only. It is still too much work for me to keep the catalog up to date so in future the access to the trade lists is restricted and only for collectors who help. Be active and learn to improve the catalog: Add banana labels, correct wrong or incomplete data, verify labels, add comments at the labels or add background information to the brands at the catalog entry, or, or, ..

If you like to have access to the trade list you need 50 helping points. Check the article what is necessary to do to earn 50 points. The obstacle is not excessively high and for a little bit of content you have many weeks access to the trade lists. If you (still) do not like to help, you can 'buy' points by sending banana labels to the ADMIN.

These collectors have earned points

   PETER NIESSEN (1,292)
   Fiorentina (1,034)
   michael (913)
   JoachimV (320)
   Jiranek (240)
   barbara (130)
   bertieboy (120)
   Zabava (105)
   Vitality (101)
   Angelikay (100)
   Galina (100)
   Hank Ankins (100)
   Jatal (100)
   Joandy Villegas (100)
   milos (100)
   minal (100)
   ravas (100)
   Sebastianchv (100)
   zantrost (77)
   versn02 (21)
   Alex (10)
   Eythel Castillo urtecho (1)



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Mär 2020