Hosting of BLC / cost issue

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Hi all, I'm running into a cost issue to host our catalog.

The story is the following: This catalog was written in Drupal, because I liked to learn this content management system (CMS) now 5 years ago. What I did not know at that time, was the technical requirements and the associated cost.

I started with a 'small cloud server' with 5€ a month. Because of many functions I liked to test, I added program source for a chat, analytics, statistic, search engine optimizing, flip books, etc to our catalog. In the end, I needed more RAM and pay now 20€ a month, because the main memory is expecive. So far this is fine for me.

But now the database is extending the 1GB. When I started, I could not believe that our few labels (without the pictures) will need a database with more than 1GB. This is because the seach function, the 5 translations and the many verfications & like it, etc. There are now huge indexes used at the database.

So my provider asked me to migrate to the next higher hardware platform with 50€ a month. So what do you think, how can we share the cost? Does someone know a banana company which likes to pay us to document this 'art' and we add an advertisement? Or could someone help to find a cheaper provider? Or do we want to migrate to an other CMS which does not need so much webspace?

Sorry, I did not know this consequences, when I started this catalog, but have now to solve this issue. 50€ a month for the rest of my live is too much ...


We should all contribute, you

We should all contribute, you should not have to carry the cost.

Perhaps a yearly subscription to cover the cost?

Ciao Micheal, io sono d

Ciao Micheal, io sono d'accordo a contribuire al costo del sito. Potrebbe bastare mettere una quota a testa, mensile o annuale, basta decidere, credo che chi ama questo passatempo non si faccia problemi a pagare un contributo per un catalogo così importante, Paolo