Rica: Vintage / Turbana & Uniban

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Brand Classification: 

  • Banana Company


September 2017


August 2019


Martin S (2019-02-19)

as far as I know it is from the late 60‘s / early 70‘s. But I forgot who gave me that information.

michael (2019-02-19)

The year of issue is for me unclear.

It is printed in black when we are quite sure and grey, when it is just a guess. Quite often it is the date, when we added the label to the catalog.

Everybody is invited to update the year of issue.

llecha (2019-02-19)

I evaluate only what I see, only visual design, not taking into consideration how old or rare a label is. Usually I give about 3 for standard design like this.

And it's from 1990, right? It's nice, if it was not that dirty it would even look nicer, but all in all I can't say it's awesome.

Zabava (2019-02-18)

Is that a ' 60s sticker? It's beautiful! Hats off to whoever kept this for so many years. This is the Antiques))))

Martin S (2019-02-18)

I just need to join this conversation ;-)
This is one of my all time favorite labels. It took me about 15 years until I finally got one.
It's because of many reasons: the dramatic contrast of colours make it stand out even after 50 years.It is simple, but it has all a banana label needs: the brand, a banana and the country.
And yes, it is the 60's style design that makes it appealing. There are other vintage labels, like the old Fyffes, that are a bit too simple. This one here is simple but striking. Labels like this one are the reason why I started collecting...

llecha (2019-02-17)

heh, quite a primitive design, there's nothing interesting in it. at first I thought it's from 1960 and that's the only reason why you priced it that high. Nowadays this design is hardly can be called any good. all imo of course

maybe you just like vintage things ;)

michael (2019-02-17)

@llecha: Only two hearts in 'Like it'? For me is it is a wonderful label that I like very much. So I do not understand your criterias ...

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