What to collect?


After adding/marking all my labels in the catalog I found that no way I can get most of the labels presented here, it can't be a goal. I still can keep collecting the labels I meet, but there's this exchange option here. And I have some duplicates. So I can get something, but what?

So probably I should choose an addition criteria of the labels I'd like to have.

It could be a brandname, a country, a year of issue. Maybe these special russians editions. I also think about those I like most.

I wanna know, do you have some kind of   characteristic/specification/criteria of the labels you collect?


All kind of banana labels.

All kind of banana labels. But with low prio the boxlabels, wrappers or bag/packlabels.

Some collectors collect Chiq or focus on labels from CR. So, that's collecting ...