How to add labels to the catalog?

Аватар пользователя michael


When adding labels, please check:

  • Check if the label is really new and not a minor colour variant. In case of doubt use the 3 search functions
    • Table of contents
    • Text search
    • Search by facetes (Shape, colour, motif, PLU, writing system, ...)
  • Check if you have found the correct catalog entry or create a new one
  • Check if your picture is in 300dpi and is in best JPG quality (usually the size of the JPG has 80KB). Most labels have got the size of 300px × 405px. Do not use fotos in full size, because it take a long time to load the pictures when there is not WIFI.
  • Check if the label is centered, complete shown and not blurred. Please use a descreet yellow background paper.
  • Check if all fields are filed correct

We all like to see new labels but please add them so I do not have to do much rework. It takes a lot of time if I have to correct your new additions. It is not fun to correct much data and you are asked to take great care when adding labels to the catalog. I know that mistakes can happen, but please give your best and check twice. For scanning, adding labels and search are some articels in the article section & manual of this catalog if you need further information.