Rainforest Alliance: Frog & Country Name

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August 2019


August 2019


bertieboy (2018-12-15)

along with Nica Banana.
Found in South of England

michael (2018-09-15)

@Bert: Please could you check the scanner. Probably the same problem we had some years ago, with too much contrast. Are the settings of the scanner 'normal'?

bertieboy (2018-08-27)

Now 19mm.
Found this week in N Ireland

michael (2018-03-05)

@llecha: Done

llecha (2018-03-04)


I did not realize I'd had searched it somewhere else, it does not look like standard favorita

would be right if two links lead here: favorita -> rainforest and rainforest frog -> favorita

michael (2018-03-04)

@llecha: We already have this RFA in the Favorita section of this catalog. Technically this catalog can show a label in two catalog entries and we can put this also in the generic RFA part. Is it more straight forward to search this label at RFA or at Favorita?

bertieboy (2018-02-08)

Font smaller. Colour lighter and main design smaller

zantrost (2018-01-26)

Found this sticker together with Derby. First time I see Derby together with other stickers.

bertieboy (2017-04-23)

Larger font of country

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