Rainforest Alliance: Frog & Country Name & PGS

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May 2018


August 2019


bertieboy (2019-08-19)

Found in N.Ireland today

bertieboy (2019-08-05)

I found it today in N.Ireland

bertieboy (2019-07-20)

Note gap between PGS and 39
Found in portsmouth uk

bertieboy (2018-07-03)

Smaller font
TM half the normal size

bertieboy (2018-04-29)

Smaller font

bertieboy (2017-05-03)

Smaller label.

bertieboy (2017-03-12)

Found today in Scotland

bertieboy (2016-09-23)

Have a very pale green (almost grey) example

Michael (2016-06-02)

Hi Bert, here must be something wrong with your scanner. The green is much to dark. Please compare my and your scans. It should be he same. Do you have somebody who can help to adjust it?

Michael (2016-05-21)

This are really good news from Irland. Thank you Bert!

bertieboy (2016-05-20)

Found today in Tesco Supermarket (Ireland)

bertieboy (2016-03-12)

No should have come out as coloured.Will try again.

Michael (2016-03-12)

Is this a black and white scan?

Michael (2016-02-02)

Thank you Max Jimenez to send me this picture!

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