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Brand Classification: 

  • Generic


May 2016


bananacarril (2018-12-22)

Brazil - Not sure of this one - may be off bakery wrapper? I still like it!

Michael (2016-04-26)

Thank you again. Green is the best color, I realy love it. Isn't this fanastic? I guess everybody would like to trade this label!

Michael (2016-04-26)

Thank you Elya !!!
Please could you use next time a background in a nice color (for example a banana yellow). An almoust white label on a white background is sometimes difficult to see ...

Elya (2016-04-26)

new design 2016

Michael (2016-04-23)

A TEST label like the ones from GEEST?

Michael (2015-12-10)

We have now this label in two catalog entries:
- Banana 4011
- Banana

Should be no problem?

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