No LIKE IT of VERIFY IT at the moment

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Due to an technical issue quite often the content of some fields of a label is party lost when it VERIFY IT or LIKE it is clicked. I have removed this function for a while, because at the moment I have no fun or time to fix it.

You can use the flags again,

You can use the flags again, but do not click too fast 'verify it' and 'like it'. One update in the last time was to the new PHP version. It seems something different in the 'open for update' logic and when 2 requests for the same label comes quick, the content of some data fields are lost. I have to investigate more time to solve this technical problem with the new PHP version.

I changed some screens where. The 2 flags (like it & verify it) for the same banana label are not shown next to each other to avoid to click them quick.

For your information: Yes

For your information: Yes there is an issue with the new software in combination with a slow database. I have asked a company which has got experience with running websites in Drupal and they have debugged the error. The price was 200€ to find the error. OMG

The good news is that the work around to separate the two rating fields does fix it and we have no lost of data any more. The bad news are, that I have to think about a fast database (ssd instead of hdd). But this will cost an other 120€ the year or do some improvements in the programming for parallel updates of the same label. We will see ..