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Apr 2018


In the continuation of the

In the continuation of the discussion about the country of origin of stickers ...
Michael, why you decided that this label is from Ecuador?

To be honest, it can be wrong

To be honest, it can be wrong.

This picture was posted by a collector at FB who lives in "El Guabo, El Oro, Ecuador". When collectos in EC post picturs (roles) of banana labels, than it is very likely that they did not get it by post from a different country.

We have some errors in this catalog. For example the banana cultivar #4230 DOMINIQUE BANANA was assigned to the country DOMINICA. This was because I wrote an incorrect little computer program to convert the text of a label to a field when converting my old collection RIEHL-COLLECTION from HTML to this modern CMS system. Žan found the mistake and has corrected it.

So if you doubt something, please add a comment or when you know it is wrong, then just correct it, like some other collectos are doing it ...

There is an old saying "if it

There is an old saying "if it is not broke then why fix it "
Every collector has their own way of storing their labels.
The catalog is easy to follow.
If the collector wishes he can just add (found in)

On the other hand, "a stitch

On the other hand, "a stitch in time saves nine". I just sincerely responded to Michael's call to improve the catalog by joint efforts.
Certainly, the collection is an author's creation and no one has the right to teach the author how it is better to compose/arrange his own collection.
"Riehl-catalog" is a remarkable author's creation of Michael.
But any error reduces the value of "catalog". Especially if it claim to be the "wiki-catalog".
Attribution of a label/sticker to the whole country where bananas are produced and where stickers are pasted on bananas creates a lot of mistakes.
Stickers are always owned by a specific company that sold bananas with their stickers on them under its own brand. And nothing else.
But "to err is human" and it is necessary to think how to make the right "a stitch in time" to avoid "nine" in the future...

Hi Leonid,

Hi Leonid,

your response "stitch in time" hits the nail on the head. Because so far I'm adding the information about the managing company of Lunita, Fair Nando, Golden B and Golden Bio to at least 4 catalog entries.

And - BTW - this is not my catalog any more, many collectors are helping and add new labels, correct data and are adding comments to the labels. This is our common catalog of banana labels. We have 37 trade lists, 67000 verifications and have added together (!) last year many thousands of labels. This is a platform to offer and trade banana labels, verify them and to separate our treasures by many "like it" . We just start and building up a WIKI with few articles so far. So we need discussion.

Adding information about the companies does belong to a Wiki about banana labels. And the discussion you have started is very helpful and I enjoy it. I would wish, more collectors would participate.

My point is: I would be happy to implement company structures in the catalog, but I do not like to do 99% of the work and add the information to the catalog too. So - like you have suggested - lets start with the existing description in the catalog entries and see, who does help with company & brand information.