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Brand Classification: 

  • Banana Company


February 2016


michael (2018-10-23)

Yes, Bert is right. Cavendish is a #4011 banana and no brand name. The existing 'cavendish' catalog entry is rather a generic place for few labels where we do not have a brand name.

bertieboy (2018-10-23)

I think the confusion is in the cavendish , a well known type of banana seen on many other labels

Claus V. (2018-10-23)

Hi Moichael, it does not make anby sense for me to label under the EBN brand - even if EBN and cavendish are the same thjen they all should be under the same brand. What is reasoning behind this.
Br Claus

michael (2018-10-23)

@Claus: Here it is at EBN ...

michael (2018-09-25)

@Claus: Here it is at EBN ...

bananacarril (2015-05-02)

Common Chinese domestic brand - I collected them myself

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