Wat wi all tosamen hebbt

Wi wüllt dat Weeten över de Bananenopklebers tohoop sammeln un wieter geben. Dorför hebbt wi disse Siet makt. Du kanns geern de Opklebers de fehlt dorto geven dormit wi ok alles tosamen hebbt. Segg us alles wat du över de Opklebers oder de Bananen weeten deist. Un denn kanns ok diene duppelten Opklebers tuuschen gegen Nee'e.

This catalog of banana stickers provides many options:

  1. Certify stickers that are intended for use on bananas. This help us to keep the quality of our collection high.
  2. Offer your duplicate banana sticker for trades. Trading bananalabels increases your collection and the collection of you tradeparter. Two winner!
  3. Mark the stickers you already own to remove them from all tradelists. This saves your time, because you do not recheck the tradelists again and again
  4. Rate how much you like the stickers. Help to identify beautiful stickers and punish loveless designed labels.
  5. Add background knowledge to the stickers in the comments.
  6. Discuss dubious stickers and tell us what you think it is
  7. Suggest improvements to the catalog in the forum. What will help you to maintain your collection?
  8. Add new banana stickers to the catalog. Helpt to get the catalog complete!
  9. Add new brands or catalog entries (sets) and maintain the structure of the catalog
  10. Add background knowledge on the banana brands in the catalog entries. Is it a brand of a banana grower or rather a brand of a supermarked?
  11. Complete the information of the banana stickers:
    1. Add missing information (color, shape, age, ...). This help to analyse the change in design in the recent years
    2. Arrange the stickers in different or additional catalog entries
    3. Delete duplicate or possibly faulty uploaded Sticker
  12. Write articles about the collection (archiving, history, certifiction, ...). Help us to build up a perfect collection of banana labels.
  13. Beautify the catalog and program the new features discussed in the forum

There is plenty to do to keep this catalog up to date. Get involved in the roles as a registered user (1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7), Trained Expert (8) Collector (9, 10, 11) or author (12). Let us know if you would like to do more for us. You are invited and welcome to join you!


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Jan 2018