Banana Varieties

The total number of cultivars of bananas and plantains has been estimated to be anything from around 300 to more than 1000. Names are highly confused, even within a single country. Many common names do not refer to a single cultivar or clone; for example 'Lady's Finger' or 'Lady Finger' has been used as the name for members of different genome groups. Many other names are synonyms of cultivars grown in the same or different countries.

Attempts have been made to create lists of synonyms. In 2000, Valmayor et al. listed equivalent local names for 68 cultivars across five Southeast Asian countries (the Philippines, Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand and Vietnam), together with their internationally used names. They considered a further 81 cultivars to be unique to one country. In 2007, Ploetz et al. listed more cultivar names and synonyms, with an emphasis on those grown in the islands of the Pacific, but including some grown in areas such as India, Africa and South America. As an example, for the widely grown cultivar 'Dwarf Cavendish', they gave 58 synonyms from 29 different countries or geographical areas. ProMusa has created a checklist of banana cultivar names based on available literature.


PLU PLU NAME Local Name / Printed on Labels
#3170 Retailer Assigned

Banana Pão
Banana Figo (Janauba, Brasnica)
Plantains (Del Monte)

#3287 Hawaiian Plantain

Hawaiian Plantain (Del Monte)
Platano Hawaiano (Maya)
Hawaiian (Turbana)
Hawaiian Style

#4011 Yellow Banana


#4186 Yellow Banana (Small)

Ouro Banana
Gold Banana
Snack Banana (Del Monte)
Small Bananas (SCB)
Mini's (Dole)
Cavendish (Dole)
Jr. (Chiquita)

#4229 Burro Banana
Burro Banana
#4230 Dominique Banana

Minis (Chanito)

#4231 Green Banana Caribbean Fig 

#4232 Banana Leaves
#4233 Apple


Apple Banna
Banana Maçã (Brazil)
Lady Finger (Australia)
Khai Banana (Thai)

#4234 Baby Banana


Baby Bananas
Banana Prata
Niño Banana
Dominico (D'Liz mistake?)
Pisang Mas (REWE)

#4235 Plantain

Da Terra
Cooking Banana
Green Plantains
Banana Gran Naine
Cooking Banana (Frieda's)

#4236 Red Banana

Bananes Roses (SCB)
Red Banana
Macaboo Bananas (Melissa's)
Morado (Philippines)


#4237 Retailer Assigned

Silver Banana

#4238 Retailer Assigned

Dwarft Banana
Zwergbanane (Germany)
Macabu (Turbana)


What we also have found this banana types written on banana labels:

  • Williams, Giant Cavendish
  • Pacovan (Brazil)
  • Gros Michel, Criollo (Costa Rica), Pisang Ambon (Indonesia), Guineo Verde (Colombia), Hom Thong (Thailand)
  • Namwha Banana (Thailand),
  • Pisang Berangan Bananas
  • (Golden) Pisang Mas
  • Silk Banana
  • Grande Naine
  • Ice Cream / Blue Java Bananas (chubby bananas can grow to up to 7 inches long. The skin is a blotchy, silvery-blue and the flesh is creamy white. The flavor is somewhat like rich ice cream.)
  • Rulo: Rulo is very much like a Platano, but the fruit is a little wider in size, softer to touch and paler in color.




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Silk banana is, probably,

Silk banana is, probably, what they call in Brazil BANANA PRATA. Prata is the translation for silver.