Trade features

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Hi, I'm updating the trade pages.

  • The omit / show it function was not really used so I removed it. So labels you do not collect (wrappers, misprints, pack labels, etc) will be always shown in the trade lists
  • I add a special trade flag, for labels that must be discussed in a trade ("Balanced Trades"). If you see a SPECIAL TRADE on red background you will not get it 1:1 for labels just right out of the supermarket. You can set it in MY DUPLICATES or in the REQUESTLIST
  • I add the country flag to the traders at the position where the "✘" and "✔" have been. They are removed to a different position below the picture.

It is not ready so far because it does not really look good. Please press CNTL F5 to refresh the browser, when the design does not look good. Any suggestions are welcome.