Is there a 'scientifically' name for banana label collector

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hey guys, I was thinking, is there a real name for a person who collects banana labels?

you know, someone who collects stamps he is- philatelist, who collects old money is - notaphilist.

What about us?

Well, we are doing useless

Well, we are doing useless and stupid things. I'm quite sure the therapist will have a name for it. ..

Well. I had Latin in school,

Well. I had Latin in school, but this is many years ago. It should mean something like PRODUCT SIGN. And is a start to create a name for this hobby ...

aaa, I understand. something

aaa, I understand. something like:

google translate said that banana is -Musa sapientum fixa-

and label is -label-.

musalabelphilist? :)) bad try, I know..:))

although I collect all types

although I collect all types of fruit stickers I also would like to say a few words concerning this old discussion...
according to the formula: Musa + label = Musalabelist. 
a charming, on my opinion, name of hobby  have been suggested... ok!.. but ...
It is possible to make a few more names using this formula, e.g.:
Musa + Sticker = Musticka = Mustica
Musa + Sticker + Philie = Musticaphilie & Musticaphilist
...and for terribly involved collectors it is possible to offer:
Musa + Sticker + Mania = Musticomania & Musticoman
I apologize if I am not enough polititically correct :-) Sorry


Musticoman is quit funny