Reorg "DOLE"

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There are so many differnt sets in the catalog entries of DOLE. At the moment I'm doing some work to reorganize the table of contents and split some huge catalog entries (i.e. with the farmnumbes). So, please don't worry when the interim results look confusing.

Any comment or suggestion is welcome.

So far there are no replies

So far there are no replies to this issue, but the DOLE SUNSHINE could be a problem. Please give your feedback if we should rename or reorg some catalog entries. And indicator to reorg something is, when you do not find the right catalog entry with your first attempt. Please write down your attempt and lets talk about it. Here in the forum. Please.

It is essential that the

Je nezbytné, aby byl katalog jasný a aby každý sběratel mohl rychle hledat typy a varianty.

Jakékoli rozdělení velkých skupin podle jasných prvků (tvar, barva, určení stavu, kód PLU ....) je samozřejmě velmi nutné!
To pomůže lépe se orientovat ...
Některé skupiny to prostě vyžadují (!!).  .. DOLE, CHIQUITA, DEL MONTE, TURBANA, ..... PLATANO....COBANA....