Oversized Asian Labels

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What do do with the oversized Asian labels.

We have so far only about 270 of this labels in the catalog. Nearly all this labels are added not by me, because I do not like or collect them. But I spend a lot of work, because almost all labels have been added with incomplete descriptions, redundant (so I had do delete other 150 labels I guess) or at the wrong place. So far NO collector has used Google translator to check the brand name or try to find if it is already in the catalog (sometimes you can't find it because the descriptions are incomplete).

This labels causes a lot of work that I do not like to invest any more. I will not accept them any longer next to the beautiful small labels with imcomplete classification or descriptions. The labels are only added and the collectors think I will clean the mess up. No I will not do it, I will delete them.

That means, we need someone who cares about this labels or we put them in a separate catalog entry all together where I can exclude them from all important pages so I do not see what happens there. What are we doing? Who likes to see them in the catalog AND cares that everything is at the right place?