Helping Points for verifications

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It is quite new for me that many, many collectors do not understand how we verify the labels at our catalog to be banana labels.

✓  This is no banana label
✓✓  I doubt it is a banana label (misprint or fruit label)
✓✓✓  I have no further information about this label
✓✓✓✓  I believe it is a banana label
✓✓✓✓✓    Yes (100% certain)

Many collectors just click anything to have access to the trade lists. This was not intendet and it does not help to increase the quality of the catalog when the collectors do not understand it.

So, what to do when I still like to reduce my work load and like that the collectors do much more work at the catalog then before? Helping points to earn the access to the trade lists by just clicking on one of the check marks does not increase the qualiy of the catalog. It cost me more work then to have no verifications. 

And no helping points for a verify or like it will lead to more collector without access to the trade lists ..

There are no points for

There are no points for verify or like labels any more. I have seen to much nonsens.