Colour codes of "Year of Issue"

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We discussed before, that the year of issue is quite often wrong. For example is this the year where somebody send me the label starting in 1999 where I build up my first website and documented the date.

So we introduced a new field "Year of issue is checked" that is so far only visible for our poweruser (=Webmasters / Chairman) like Žan, Peter or me. This field is so far hidden to other user groups to make the upload of labels simple and not to add too many field in the form.

What I want to say: When the year of issue is verified by one of the powerusers, it is displayed in black otherwise in a ligth gray. Light gray means it is so far unclear. Of course we can use other color codes to distinguish verifed years of issues from guessed year of issues. To update the layoutfile press CTRL-F5.

  • Black: Verified year of issue
  • Gray: Unverified year of issue / guess

I hope we get quite soon all years of issued verfied. Everybody who likes to help can have access to the field, just ask me.
Any suggestion is welcome.