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Probably we should split the REJECTED labels and add a category "TEST Labels". Please could I have your feedback of our current classification system of brands and labels:

We have started with classification of the brands:
  • Supermarket ("Edeka")
  • Region    ("Buy Hawaii")
  • Certification ("Fairtrade")
  • Fruitimport   (i.e. Import / Export)
  • Generic Label    ("4011")
  • Refused    (Brands that are not used on banana, i.e. "First 1")
  • Promotion  ("Annies Bananies") 
  • Banana Company  ("Chiquita") => 90% of all brands
and a classification of labels
  • Bananalabel   => 90% of our labels
  • Bananalabel Set    (a picture of a complete set)
  • Bag Label  (or pack label. The big labels in the plastic back)
  • Boxlabel    (the labels on the banana box)
  • Documentation    (also no banana labels, but some pictures to add documentation of banana labels in the catalog)
  • Knockoff    (the china thing)
  • Misprint or Fruitlabel    (REJECTED)
  • Promotion Label  (For example slogan labels from Slovakia that have been only on postcards)
  • Qualitylabel    (the colored Chiquita labels)
  • Wrapper  (the ribbons around a bunch of banana labels to keep it together)


We have now 12 (!)

We have now 12 (!) classifications of banana labels. Please check TYPE OF LABEL in our search section: Extra for John, we have now the TRIAL labels, that are used for test purposes.

Is it clear, anything missing, too much? What do you think?

Some bags of bananas are

Some bags of bananas are printed. I have several types. There is no group for them.
There is a group of labels for bags (large labels) ....
Printed bags - not a group :-)