Adding FB & WhatsApp labels

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The current process is, that Peter & me are checking each day FB & WhatsApp if there are new labels for our catalog. This is because, we like to have the catalog complete. I'm happy to do it, but there are too much labels. And when I have a break from banana biz, there is too much to do. I would like to ask you to help.

What I like to suggest is, that more collectors who care about the BLC are checking FB & WhatsApp & other Websites and add labels direct to the catalog. I can download the pictures later and can do the Photoshop work if necessary. Please don't care about the pictures. So what I like to suggest is: Please add any findings to the catalog and let me allow (only) to pimp up the pictures later. This will help me to reduce the work to keep the catalog up to date.

Who can help?

I think there it is only an

I think there it is only an issue with the settings of the scanner. Could you send me a picture of the settings?