Adding Company & Brand Structure

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It is disussed with the help of the ARTES & LUNITA label,  that we should spend some work in banana companies and their brand structures.

In this example Leonid describes:

  • The company "SoyuzProdContract, SPC" from Russia has got a brand ARTES"
  • The company "Port Internation GmbH" from Germany has got the brands FAIR NANDO, Golden B, Golden BIO and LUNITA

And we are sure, there are many other examples (Chiquita, Dole, ...). This is quite a new focus in collecting banana labels. We know that there are brands and that they are related, but we did not spend much work in gathering all the information about companies, where they are located and their brands. Did someone know that LUNITA are the premium bananas of the same company that also uses FAIR NANDO for fair trade bananas?

Leonid is right, the current solution "CATALOG ENTRY" is too weak. Before we start to solve the question, how we technically implement this stuctures and relations in this catalog, I like to begin, what do you think about this enhancement and would you help in getting it almost complete?

A.) From my point of view, this does belong to our hobby in collecting banana labels. We should know who is behind the labels and how the brands are related. However this is a lot of work having now about 4000 brands in the catalog. It means a lot, lot, lot of research in the internet otherwise we have only a small flick carpet.

B.) I've got feedback from some collectors in UK, EC and CR that the current structure of this huge catalog is not easy to understand and to use. So when we add further information to maintain, than we have the risc that less collectors have fun in adding informations to the catalog. The company & brand discussion must lead in a simple solution.

To be honest, I have enought to do in collecting banana labels, adding new banana labels to this catalog and do some quality control. For me it is enough in adding a discription (text) to a catalog entry when I found some background information about a company or brand. I need not to be an expert about companies in the banana biz.

But I would be happy if someone is an expert of the companies and we have the information in the catalog. I would really love, when more collectors add what they know about the labels to this catalog! I enjoy the work of Leonid and like to read his results. Please, coud I have your feedback? What do you think about to enhance the catalog with company and brand information? Would you support the idea active?

I will help in building up a trechnical solution to store the information about companies, brands and their relation, but it must be someone responsible to get the content.

Well, the suggestion is to

You are absolutly right, Leonid. A WIKI of banana labels should provide information about the brands and companies. And the current structure of the catalog does not allow it to add it in a straight forward way. For example it is not possible to see that Lunita, Fair Nando, Golden B and Golden Bio belongs to the same company. And - up to yesterday - most of us did not know at all that they are  managed in Germany.

Well, the suggestion was to add following information:

  • "Brand: "
  • "Company - brand owner: "
  • "Country of company location: "
  • "Company web-resources: "
  • "Country of banana origin: "

This all could be difficult to add it to the existing construct of a CATALOG ENTRY. Because a catalog entry is just a box with some labels and quite often independend from companies or brands. A catalog entry just contains some labels, we want to display together in one website. So only few catalog entries have got something like "Country of company location" or anything else. It it could be confusing having all the attributes there.

We can start with the existing construct of CATALOG ENTRIES to add information about brands and companies . At each catalog entry is a description field (text) to add any information and some weblinks.

In the last 3 years only Niko (AFC) and me have added information to catalog entries and Leonid had add a some comments about companies which I had copied to the descripiton of the corresponding catalog entry. So when the point is, I've to do nearly all the work to build up the Wiki about banana companies, then it will not work. So let us say, when about 200 to 400 of our 4000 brands have got additional information about companies (10%) provided by other collectors, then I will separate it into a wonderful and easy to use data structure, with company logo, weblinks, the list of all brands, contact address, some other key facts  and corporate structure.

When we have enough information collected, then I do the "nine stitches". Deal?

P.S.: You can find changed catalog entries and the name of the collector who has done the work in this section: