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Probably we should split the REJECTED labels and add a category "TEST Labels". Please could I have your feedback of our current classification system of brands and labels:

We have started with classification of the brands:
  • Supermarket ("Edeka")
  • Region    ("Buy Hawaii")
  • Certification ("Fairtrade")
  • Fruitimport   (i.e. Import / Export)
  • Generic Label    ("4011")
  • Refused    (Brands that are not used on banana, i.e. "First 1")
  • Promotion  ("Annies Bananies") 
  • Banana Company  ("Chiquita") => 90% of all brands
and a classification of labels
  • Bananalabel   => 90% of our labels
  • Bananalabel Set    (a picture of a complete set)
  • Bag Label  (or pack label. The big labels in the plastic back)
  • Boxlabel    (the labels on the banana box)
  • Documentation    (also no banana labels, but some pictures to add documentation of banana labels in the catalog)
  • Knockoff    (the china thing)
  • Misprint or Fruitlabel    (REJECTED)
  • Promotion Label  (For example slogan labels from Slovakia that have been only on postcards)
  • Qualitylabel    (the colored Chiquita labels)
  • Wrapper  (the ribbons around a bunch of banana labels to keep it together)


Some bags of bananas are

Some bags of bananas are printed. I have several types. There is no group for them.
There is a group of labels for bags (large labels) ....
Printed bags - not a group :-)