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Crop Pictures of Banana Labels

It is quite important to show the banana labels with the same size and a descrete yellow background paper in the catalog. This help to compare the labels at the computer screen and does look much better in general.

Eugen Oker - Fruit Stickers

Eugen Oker - Fruit Stickers

The fruit sticker collection of Eugen Oker. The Munich writer Eugen Oker (1919 - 2006) embodies the sly mentality of a Jack of all tales and was the inventor of the journalistic "Game Reviews". He wrote Poems, novels, nonsense tales, children´s books, biographies and satirical novels on war and dictatorship as well.


Many labels have words written in a foreign writing system. For example in Chinese, Japanese or Arabic. This article collects some of them and gives a translation. You can use the foreign text via "copy and paste" in the search function of this catalog (search field in the upper right corner of this website) to find labels with this text.


I love covers. This are all covers of our new additions in the recent years. We did not have each month a new edition for some reasons, but quite often.

Banana Label Types

Banana Label Types

Banana labels stick on bananas and that's our definition of banana labels. But when you look around in the supermarkets of the world, you will see different kind of banana labels. You can find for example wrappers to keep several bananas togehter.