Banana Label

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  • Plastic


  • White, Green


  • Oval: Horizontal, curved sides






  • Only Text

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Voće Perović
Воке Перовик
Воће Перовић

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May 2018


These stickers are from

These stickers are from Belgrade, Serbia. This company is selling fresh fruit and vegetables and stickers are used for promotion on different kind of fruit, including bananas. I add proof photo.



And what are these other white stickers?

I mean do they just add their own stickers to someone's others (ecuadorian?) ones?


These are added on fruit just for promotion. Producers stickers are still left on fruit, like on photo.

they can't be collector's

they can't be collector's items then imo

any small shop can stick something on banana, it's not banana labels, it's shop labels

@Ilecha: in my opinion, these

@Ilecha: in my opinion, these labels should be included in the collections. If it was found on bananas, it is in my opinion a banana label. BTW, are you sure, that all label you have got, were for sure intended to be attached to bananas?

These labels are found on

These labels are found on labels on sale in supermarket just the same as Marks & Spencer and we all (well most) collect them, or do we disown them?

I included them in my

I included them in my collection, maybe in catalog they could be marked as "PROMO"?

I am not sure if all 3 variants of stickers are used on bananas, on photo it seems that small sticker is used. But I think it is possible that all 3 are used on all fruits, since it is promo, and only showing name of company.



cos it's not producers' original labels

again, I don't think it can be items to collect. if we take coins or stamps then only those ones which were introduced by official departments are real ones, all other, self made etc are never being concidered as stamps or coins at all


if I stick something on basnana would it be a banana label in your opinion?


I believe there is adifference if YOU put anything on a banana, or a supermarket chain does it. We have in our collections some labels with a mango on them, but they were found on bananas. That's why I consider these labels as banana labels.
However, any collector can have his own opinion, and include or not the labels in his collection. You are free to decide.


You have summed it up well. Each to their own way of collecting.