Banana Label

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  • Philippines


  • Paper


  • White, Green


  • Oval: Vertical, curved sides






  • Eagle

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Eagle Premium Bananas
Product of the Philippines

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Aug 2019


I already asked Erlyn Acebedo

Erlyn A. has publish this pictures at FB. I already asked her to send better pictures, but she only asked 'Why'. Maybe one of you also like also to ask her to send/publish pictures in a little bit better quality because the catalog is important to us.

Are they banana labels or

Purple + dark green = Are they banana labels or just a test - suggestions?

A friend from the Philippines did not confirm ....

A while a ago I published

A while a ago I published here the conversation I had with the collector in the Philippines. I guess we are talking about the same 'friend' ("J") and I guess he is the only source of the Phillipine labels at the moment.

And yes, he does not confirm or send a prove of the labels. He does only know that they are from an inspector of packing stations. He does not provide further informations about the labels. But many of this labels do not convince me to be banana labels, because money is involved,

I asked the collecors who do pay for the labels to ensure we have a prove. Do you also pay for the labels František?

Months ago I questioned the

Months ago I questioned the selling of labels , please do not let us follow the postage stamp collectors, where they are just minted for sale,
Or am I alone in this?

For this topic I will share

For this topic I will share my Philippine experience:
some years ago I was on vacation in the Philippines (beautiful country, especially the coral reefs and the rice terraces).Being there, I took a trip to Davao, the capital of banana growing. It was a bit frustrating. The plantations were very difficult to arrive, and when I reached them they were fenced and with armed security persons and there was no chance to get even a single label. They said I need to have an approval from the headquarters in Japan. I then contacted a lady that was in quality control and she took me on her trip. In the evening we went to restricted areas in the harbor were bananas were loaded into ships. Her job was to check the quality of major brands (Del Monte, Chiquita, Sumifru). If the bananas in the box weren‘t good enough, they were unpacked and put into boxes from lower quality brands. So they had the labels right there, and they were all authentic banana labels. I gathered a lot of labels on that quality control night, but at the end a security guy came and took all of them except for a few that I had in my pocket.
So my opinion: if the labels are from a quality control manager, they should be real.
And if the contact in the Philippines has put so much work into the very difficult task to getting these labels, it is OK to get payed for it.
Hope this helps...

Thank you Martin. Great

Thank you Martin. Great information! To pay money for the labels is not a problem in principle. The issue is how we can be sure, that this labels are intended to use on bananas and not only produced for the collectors who pay for nice labels.

From marketing point of view, many of the Philippine labels are useless. The brand belong to im- and export companies, the colours vary often and some designs do look quite 'handmade'. There are a lot of doubts.