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  • Ecuador


  • Paper


  • White, Red, Yellow


  • Oval: Vertical, curved sides






  • Abstract Bananas

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Cobana ®

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Aug 2019


Michael, when a label is

Michael, when a label is rejected, it will be interesting to know why. Maybe in a comment.

Well, it is difficult to say

Well, it is difficult to say a label is NOT a banana label. In this case it is similar to the blue REWE label: Does Cobana really have got red labels on a banana? Can't believe it, from marketing point of view it it against all laws of branding ...

But in this case, we have got a verification in the mean time. I would sugggest, when someone can verify a REJECTED label he could also change the classfication back to bananalabel?

We can agree to set a label

We can agree to set a label on REJECTED when there is no certification and 3 to 5 collectors doubt it is one. But that means the collectors does vote and say their opionion.

I would be happy if there are more verifications. I really love it to trade labels that are certified by someone. There are too many labels and too many misprints to know it all.

And the rating system with the stars is to change the mind. When someone doubt it is a banana label, he should be allowed to say it and put this label on the list of doubted labels. And when there are enough verifications the collector can take the label off that list again.

There are only 180 labels at the moment in the list of dubious labels. To keep the quality of our collections high, the collectors are asked to help and rate / discuss this labels. And BTW there is also the list with about 800 labels that have got no verfication at all. If at least one collector can give a verification they are off that list.

I would suggest: The short list of doubted labels should be checked by every collector, and the longer list of not certified labels should be keep small and should be checked from us from time to time. OK?