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  • Banana Company


October 2019


October 2019


zantrost (2019-12-04)

Comparing stickers photo included.

zantrost (2019-12-02)

The old scans were not like I wanted, i prefered photos. But will consider it in future :)

michael (2019-12-02)

Great! What about a scanner for christmas? Pictures in 300dpi help so much, when comparing labels.8-)

zantrost (2019-12-02)

I will send photo of both comparing soon.

michael (2019-12-02)

I'm quick in deleting labels. There is too much to do in checking all the labels someone has added. So a comment will help when the differences are small.

zantrost (2019-12-02)

There are two sizes, 20 and 30mm.

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