Geest: Round Labels

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Brand Classification: 

  • Banana Company


September 2018


September 2018


bananacarril (2015-06-13)

A rare old Geest label from Colombia. No doubt a banana label.

bananacarril (2015-06-13)

Just what is says - I got mine from a former Geest banana man quite some years ago. Geest was once a major importer to Britain and was acquired, I believe, by Fyffes.

Michael (2015-02-14)

I heard of a great story and I'm allowed to post it: Did you know, there is a direct link between paperclips ⇒ poisen frogs ⇒ fruitflies rotten bananas ⇒ banana stickers

Here it is: "About 10 years ago I met a scientist at a collectors fair. We both collected paperclips (please don't laugh). A conversation developed, and I told him I also collected fruitlabels. He told me he had a modest collection of old bananalabels. For his profession he was examening the poison of poisen frogs for medical use. Therefor he was cultivating poisen frogs. Of course these frog had to eat, and for that reason he also was cultivating fruitflies. These flies also had to eat, and they eat rotten bananas. The scientist was amazed about the variety of bananalabels he found, and started to stick them in a little noticebook. I visited him some weeks later at home, and he gave me his noticebook with the labels. The three labels I added were, among other nice bananalabels, in the noticebook,"


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