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December 2016


December 2016


Michael (2016-04-15)

We have now added a new kind of banana label: "Trial". So it is not rejected any more and we collector can see, that this label was not used on bananas like we use to find it in supermarkets.

Michael (2016-04-14)

Because it is a test label. We also have design studies and misprints in our collections. It is hard to say, what should be in a collection of banana labels.

Once we said, if 3 collectors doubt it is a banana label and none collector can verify it, we reject it. Well, now we can remove the REJECT because you have given 4 checkmarks. I'm fine with that.

The question is, when we delete or reject a label? Is it enough, when we have the verifications? Should we not reject labels at all, because the are collected in the context of banana labels?

bananacarril (2016-04-14)

Got mine from a former Geest employee - fold out - I think it's neat, and it was used by the banana company, so is not a fake or misprint

bananacarril (2016-04-14)

It's a banana grower test label, so kind of neat. Why reject it?

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