Yarche / ярче!

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  • Supermarket

Супермаркеты "Ярче!", Russia

"Ярче!" - supermarkets of walking distance, where at good prices you can always buy fresh food for breakfast lunch and dinner.

  • More than 300 stores in Western Siberia and the Moscow region;
  • More than 4000 goods on shelves. Exclusive brands - high-quality food products produced specifically for our retail network;
  • Reliable partners - 15 food factories, which produce products primarily for the supermarket chain "Yarche!";
  • Own delivery system, which allows not to increase the final cost of goods and guarantees the quality of delivery and freshness of products;
  • Own production of ready meals and baking.


November 2016


February 2018
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michael (2018-02-11)

I just updated the catalog entry with the information from Leonid.


lavabb (2018-02-10)

This sticker is from Russian company "Ярче!"
- https://ярче.рф/ - ( http://u.to/KlqJEA )
although bananas sold in the stores of this company are from Ecuador

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