Pretty Liza: Barrel with Sunblind

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  • Banana Company


November 2016


October 2017


llecha (2019-04-21)

As an ex typographic worker I can tell you that most of these color "variants" are just a result of simple sloppiness. You add more blue color and everything becomes so dark green, dark blue etc, you put less blue and everything becomes so pale-yellow etc Plus all white paper ain't that white as you may think, every brand paper is a bit different, so even if you do your job carefully if you take a different paper you'll get slightly different colors.

So I'd add all these color variants to the one most common label

Claus V. (2019-04-20)

I have booth labels even as traders and there is a distinct color difference but besiddes that Iagree on your comment and will like to add that differences that is not visible to the normal eye but needs magnyfying glass to discover should not have a separate entry.

michael (2019-04-20)

We now have two opinions. I would say, this two pictures referes the same label and if there is a difference, then because we do not have the same scanner or scanner settings.

Just because in former times some of us added the small colour varians, we do not need inevitable continue. With different scanners and the different bleach out process the labels do look not the same. And in the cheap print process of banana labels, the first label of the role looks different than the last ones ("bold font").

So now having 250 to 400 new labels a month, I would suggest only to add labels to the catalog, when they clearly differ in colour, text, country or shape. And well, to delete labels is the unpleasant work of an administrator. I'm sorry and I do not enjoy it. 8-)

What do the others say?

Claus V. (2019-04-20)

@michael: If the differences are to small in this label I must say I do not understand the multiple variants in other labels where the minoir difference in color or simple dirtyness of label are the only thing differating the labels. I believe that this label should have its own entry in the BLC

michael (2019-04-11)

@Claus: I moved your 'New color combination' to this one, because the differences are much to small.

llecha (2018-02-26)

got a very similar one, also 2000

PETER NIESSEN (2017-10-25)

Shorter brandname

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