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  • Banana Company


January 2016


November 2016


michael (2020-04-06)

Yes, there is still a lot to do. From our 33,358 labels in the catalog the year of issue is not set to verified in 9,811 cases. When the year of issue is more or less verified it is at the catalog entry printed in black otherwise it is gray.

Ferrin (2020-04-05)

Yes, there are very - very - many data errors. I could only fix some dates - there is little time ... If you came for a scheduled visit (we closed our borders - Covid 19) - you see many ...

michael (2020-04-01)

Unfortunately there are still many mistakes, especially with the year of issue. Quite often it is the date when the label was added to the catalog. You - and many others too - have the permission to change the data ...

Klempa (2020-04-01)

This is one of my first labels ever since I collect banana stickers, I found it myself on banana at least 35 years ago in Austria. So it cannot be from 2016.

michael (2019-02-18)

A variant of this great label with clear yellow shirt and dithered skin

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