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Located near the beautiful city of Latacunga, in the province of Cotopaxi, Nintanga is mostly a summer flowers plantation.Our farm's extention at the moment is 15Ha. At the time we offer eleven different products, plus some novelties.Due to light and weather conditions, we offer a year round production of all of our products.

All of our flowers are grown under greenhouses. This gives us a special advantage regarding quality and quantity.


June 2015


October 2018
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PETER NIESSEN (2018-02-11)

It was in Gerri's collection. So, I suposed it came from bananas. I modified my verification.

michael (2018-02-11)

Thank you Leonid. I see company information is important: Same sticker at their website, many very beautiful flowers but no bananas. Haha

lavabb (2018-02-11)

Wow, this is not a banana label at all,
company "Nintanga" grows only flowers

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