Artes: 05/09 - 9 МАЯ (Soldier)

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  • Banana Company


January 2017
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  • Plastic


llecha (2018-03-14)

looks strange, maybe there're other, super rare, ones

usually, when it's a series, I get several different labels from a box. So there were no others when I took this one.

michael (2018-03-13)

OK, thx. Even there is a "1" it seems there is no set existing.

llecha (2018-03-13)

also I've got this one and nothing else

PETER NIESSEN (2017-01-20)

I have this label "alone" as well. Probably there is no set existing

Michael (2017-01-20)

There is a "1" at the labels, so probably a "2" does exist and I / we miss the whole set in the catalog. What do you know about this label?

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