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Goodfarmer was founded in 2002, based on Shanghai, China, is dedicated to becoming the leading China and world-class health fruit and vegetable suppliers. With this concept, Goodfarmer strives for continuous development and expansion. At present, the business scope of Goodfarmer mainly includes four parts: export, import, wholesale and cold-chain logistics & distribution.


July 2018
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lavabb (2018-07-09)

The importing company always orders sticker's printing for itself where it buys bananas and where bananas are packed. Printed for this company its own stickers in the packaging process are pasted onto its own bananas already purchased. Thus, brand, stickers and bananas belong to the Chinese company "Goodfarmer". These bananas could be sold under this brand and with these stickers in any country, including, of course, the Philippines.
The inscription "product of Philippines" means only that bananas grew on Philippines. But we collect not bananas, but banana stickers.

michael (2018-07-09)

@Leonid (lavabb): Thank you. You are right, the brand is china but I think the bananas & labels are from the Philippines. Most of the labels shown in this catalog are from a collector who get the labels from there.

At the website of Goodfarmer they say, that they import bananas from Ecuador, Vietnam and the Phillipines since 2016.

lavabb (2018-07-09)

This is not Philippines label, but chinese one. Here is the link and quotation from the article:
"…We have three export brands: "Honest Man", "Goodfarmer" and "Jia Nong". Honest Man is our newest brand..."

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