Dole packaging to feature more Disney characters

Dole Food Co. is featuring “Beauty and the Beast” characters on its bananas, pineapples and salads through April 16.  The promotion is timed with the movie’s release, which is set for March 17, according to a news release.

Banana Message

Banana Pen

When making art or writing a message, the only canvas we need is our imagination. Banana artist End Cape uses push pins to create epic art on the skin of bananas by puncturing specific parts of the fruit, which creates detailed areas of dark and light. However, that’s just one way to artify a banana.

Sumitomo Corporation acquires Fyffes

Japanese firm ripe for €751m deal to acquire Dublin-based fruit firm Fyffes. Sumitomo Corporation has made the a-peeling offer to the banana distributor. The Asian firm is acquiring the Dublin-headquartered banana giant in a massive €751.4m cash deal, Fyffes has said.

Medford resident shows off unique banana sticker

Medford resident Bob Valentyn is a collector, but it's not the usual stamps or coins he's after. Valentyn collects something far more unique - banana stickers. It's an item few others appreciate, but Valentyn recognizes the distinct characteristics that make a banana sticker worth saving.


Summarized company history

Since the foundation in 1912, AFC is providing the German market with fruits. Originally, AFC commenced its operations by importing dried bananas, known as fig-bananas.