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Disease-resistant Variety of Banana

Banana producers in the French Carribean islands of Guadeloupe and Martinique announced earlier this month the launch of a new variety of banana, called “Pointe d’Or”, which is to go on sale in Carrefour Bio (Organic) shops in France later this month.

Is a banana a fruit, berry, or vegetable?

Most people can easily distinguish between fruits, berries, and vegetables. However, the difference between different types of fruit is less clear – and you may be very surprised at how a banana is classified. In this article, you will get an answer to the question whether a banana is a fruit, berry, or vegetable.

Banana variety-Blue Java. Advantages and disadvantages

Blue Java bananas are a variety of banana with a taste and texture reminiscent of vanilla ice cream. In addition to their interesting flavor, they are distinguished by the bright blue hue of their skin and creamy-white flesh.

Banana for every day

A supermarket in South Korea offered a package of gradually maturing bananas. South Korean supermarket chain E-Mart has launched an original packaging with bananas. It allows you to eat one perfectly ripe fruit every day, writes the portal AdAge.